Friday, June 21, 2013

I love to see the temple... I went inside today

May 4, 2013

Today is the day that I have been looking forward to my whole life! Honestly I pictured this day very differently. I thought I would be going through the temple with my fiance but Heavenly Father had a different plan for me.
I am going through the Oquirrh Mountain Temple at 12:30 and the session starts at 2pm. My Mom is my escort and I wouldn't have that any other way. It gave me comfort knowing she would be there every step of the way since I had no idea what I was doing. It was an amazing experience to share with her.
I can honestly say that the part I was looking forward to the most was being able to wear garments. I know that sounds strange but I wanted to have those blessing and feel like an adult haha. I put them on for the first time and it felt so strange to me! Not a bad strange a good one.
 I was very overwhelmed the whole time I went through. I am told that is normal so I don't feel bad saying it.  It was nice to have my family and friends there to support me. I defiantly felt the spirit so strongly and was excited to go again and again learning new things every time I go!

A couple of my Young Women leaders
Julie Money, Tracee Ryan

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