Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 8 - Sept 14

Hey everyone!
this past week hasn't been the greatest actually its been a pretty hard week but hey we have to have weeks like these to really appreciate the great weeks we have. opposition in all things right?! :)

Sep 8- We had a normal p-day and had zone sports! it was fun we played ultimate ball and just hung out :) after we had dinner with the Bear family. They are a great family and their son is working on his mission papers! we have a lot of priests working on their papers which is super exciting!
Sep 9- We were able to have zone meeting which went super great! Pres. and Sister Hobbs came to that! It was a great surprise to have them there! I was so thankful that I didn't have to give a training :) haha the zone leaders and district leaders did a great job though! we talked about teaching skills and how to become better teachers. I was able to learn a lot from it! After we had lunch and then a lesson with Jazmin. She tried canceling on us but we just showed up at her house and was able to have a short lesson with her! She is doing well and is loving the gospel she just needs to work on prioritizing important things in her life. She is still loving her calling and the kids love her too! We then went and tried a few less actives but had no luck with them. We then had dinner at the Bishops home. That went so great! their less active son joined us and he even participated in the message we had after dinner and he talked to us! that is a big deal!!! We found out that he is getting married to a cute return missionary so we hope it will kick him into gear!! :) After dinner we headed to the Mejia's to have a lesson with them. We talked about modesty and keeping good care of our bodies. Sister Mejia asked if we could talk about that with her kids. Sometimes parents have us talk about things that the kids are struggling with so they wont look like the bad guys haha we are happy to help :)
Sep 10- Stopped by Irene's place since we haven't seen her in awhile. she is doing well but she did mention that she is probably moving soon. She isn't too happy about it but her daughter is moving back in with her husband so they need a bigger place. After talking with her we had a meeting with the elders. That went well! these elders are a crack up together! We then had some fun service at sister vondersaars home. We got to go through all of her baby clothes and sort them and organize them by size! it was super fun and made us both want kids even more haha we cant wait to dress them!! We also had dinner over there and then headed to young womens! we were able to go to two fire stations and deliver cookies and say thanks for all they have done for us. At the second station we got to have a tour of the place! it was really fun!
Sep 11- We were able to contact a media referral that we got but nothing to much came out of it :( hey its okay a seed planted right? haha we then went and worked around that area but no one was home!! we then went and did time at the library to get us out of the heat. After we went and had a lesson with Sister T! it went really well :) she knows what to say to us to help us get our hopes up again. we were super discouraged since she was the first person who let us in for the day. We then went and had dinner at Sister Espinoza's home and she invited a friend over to join us. she was able to make it! yay! it was really neat! she speaks more Spanish than English so we will pass her off to the Spanish sisters! we are all on the same team! :) we then had a lesson with the Hernandez family but they didn't show up :( we were super sad and we think they are backing away which hurts even more! We love them so much that we know this is what they need but if they aren't willing to meet with us and change then there isn't much we can do but its hard to accept that! We aren't giving up yet but we will see if they are still interested.
Sep 12- woah I cant believe that I have been out for 15 months! time has flown! We were able to weekly plan this morning and then went out in the boiling heat and worked. we didn't have much success which sucks but we were happy that we actually went out and worked! The high was about 104 so we were a bit tired by the end of the day. We had dinner with the Marsh family so we went out to eat. it was fun and her daughter always makes us laugh! it was a good way ending the long and hot day.
Sep 13- This morning we were able to go to a piano recital that a member in our ward was having. she invited us because some non members were going to be there. it was really fun! We then met with the elders and Sister Newey who is the RS pres. We were able to talk about sisters that we should go and visit and what she needed help with. it was a successful meeting. we then went to Monique and Josephs for a lesson. We had a lesson about Joseph Smith and we followed up on things we committed her to do. it went well! We then went out to IHOP with them!! that was super fun! :) they are making great progress!! we then had a lesson with the Godinet family and we were able to do the family mission plan with them. we were there for quite some time cause she sure can talk hahaha we then visited with Lina who is doing well :) after sister Ramirez picked us up for dinner! 
Sep 14- Everett and Frances came to church! we then had a lesson with Frances which went well. she was just getting really distracted. we wanted to extend a bap date to her but we didn't think it was right yet. we are hoping next week for sure!! we then went to the Trasks and did the family mission plan with them. they are a great family! Later that evening we needed to relax a bit and have some fun so we built a fort! it was super fun!! :) we have way to much fun together!! I sure do love Sister Mayall!!

Well that was my week!! I hope you all had a fantastic one!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!! :)  

feeding the Stocksdale's pet turtle

waiting for the sisters to pick us up for zone meeting! 

what we do for fun.... singing to our church music on the top of our lungs with the water bottle microphone!! 

our sunday night fun!

We had a hard week so we decided we needed to do something fun so we ended up with this....

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