Monday, June 16, 2014

June 9 - June 15

June 9- This morning we were able to go to one of our members home to do our laundry. they live in our complex and offered for us to come and do that. we totally took them up on that. as our laundry was being done we studied outside their apartment. it was a beautiful morning. mornings here I can handle, its the afternoons that kill me! haha after we went home and cleaned until the mountain view sisters picked us up to go email. once our time was up there we headed to the zone activity. oh boy it was tons of fun. we played glow in the dark dodge ball! the elders spray painted the balls so they would glow, then all of us wore glow stick necklaces. it was so much fun! after the sisters drove us home and we chatted with them for a bit. then headed to Ralphs to pick up a few things and came back and ate dinner. we then went out to visit the people on our same complex. we were able to talk with Jose. he was a little buzzed so it was a bit interesting! he told us he wants to take us fishing so we will see if we could do it as a district activity on of these p-days. finally it was time for bed! we were exhausted from all the fun we had

June 10- We had zone meeting today which was super great. I was able to learn many things through the spirit. we went over all the trainings that were given at zone conference. we were able to have discussions and learn from each other. something that stood out to me was when Elder Molina was giving his training on conversion, he wrote the steps to become converted on the board. they are Repentance, Obedience, and Diligence. Sister Crowley recognized that if you take the first letter in every work it spells out ROD so if you hold to the iron rod you will become converted. I loved that insight she shared with us. after the meeting we stopped at Wal-Mart for the other sisters to pick up a prescription. once they were done we rushed to our appointment with Jazmin which ended up rescheduling cause she had to help her dad out with something so we got to go home and eat lunch. we also called Anthony a referral we got from he requested a bible so we called and was able to set up an appointment for Friday. we were excited cause usually those people don't call us back. after we met with Miguel and Alicia. we were able to talk about his experience he had at stake conference. he loved it and felt the spirit really strong. he especially loved Elder Becerra and the experiences he shared in his talk. after the meeting he came up to Miguel and told him that he wasn't planning on sharing that story but felt that he needed to for him. that struck Miguel really strong. we were able to set up a church tour for Friday night. after we played a little bit with their new puppy Leah. she is the cutest little thing. she is a yellow lab and during the prayer she started to play tug a war with my skirt! haha it was so cute! I wanted to take her home with us, dang mission rules haha

June 11- we met with Jazmin this morning and finished the program for her baptism and went over the baptism interview questions with her. we are all so excited for her baptism! after we were able to meet with Christine and have a lesson with her. she is so cute, we love going over there. we read ether 3 together and talked with her about the faith the Brother of Jared had. we also talked about attitudes and how important it is to try to have a positive one through everything. she got emotional during this part of the lesson. she could feel the spirit and testified of this principle. she is an amazing lady! after that Jazmin invited us to go shopping for her baptism invites with her. that was fun and a great bonding moment with her. she dropped us off at the church for us to pick up our dinner and quickly eat before young women's. the member dropped off McDonalds which I haven't had in a long time and my stomach reminded me of that. for young women's we had a party thing for one of the young women who got her young women's award it was so great! they had her young women advisor Sister Buck speak then had the girls give her flowers of each color of the values and read a scripture with it and had a musical number by two girls then had her mom speak and had her bear her testimony. when she bore her testimony there was no dry eye. the spirit was so strong. she joined the church 2 years ago and has changed completely. while eating dessert we got a call from the APs so we took it and they said we were getting a two week missionary on Monday! we were so excited!!  

June 12- WOAH!! I have been a missionary for an entire year today! this is so crazy to me. we were able to have a busy day. that morning we had Jazmin's baptism interview at the church with President Moran ( 2nd counselor to Pres. Hobbs) that went well. after we helped the Anderson family pack since they are moving on Saturday. we then went and did time and went home to have our dinner dropped off to us. after Jazmin called us and told us that Ivan will be able to baptize her!!! we were so excited we screamed!! haha Ivan met with the bishop that night and he gave him the go ahead! Jazmin came and picked us up and we filled out her invites with her at the park across from Swarts home. we were able to also stop by the Swarts so Jazmin could ask them to give talks and to confirm her. They all excepted! we walked back with Jazmin and she was super excited to see everything fall into place.

June 13- this morning I woke up not feeling well. man I have been having a lot of those recently. it sucks! we had an appointment with Anthony a potential so I got up and got ready cause I wasn't going to reschedule that! we rode over there and had a wonderful lesson. it went better then we expected. Anthony was super friendly and invited us in, his wife came out of her room a few minutes later. she was hesitant to meet with us but was happy she did. they attend a church in Rancho and wants one closer to them, ours is perfect not only cause it is the true church but they can walk to ours, just saying haha we asked Anthony how he came across and he said his pastor told him about it cause we give out free bibles. hey we will take it haha we talked about the restoration with them and gave them a bible and their own copies of the Book of Mormon. we also talked about our standards and the youth programs and gave them for the strength of youth pamphlet. they loved it and we were able to set up a return appointment! we were thrilled!! we had dinner with the Crays and Sam came too. we went out to a pizza place it was fun. after dinner we had a wonderful church tour with Miguel and Alicia. the former stake President came Brother Chase and President and Sister Davey. no pressure for us!! haha it was great to have them there we were blessed! at the end of the tour Miguel was able to get a priesthood blessing. that was a neat experience.

June 14- I woke up at 4am with the worst migraine ever. I took some meds and slept until about 11am. it wasn't completely gone but I sucked it up cause we had a busy day. I got up and got ready for lunch at the Swarts. they went all out! I love that family so much! once we were done there we headed to our appointment with Monique and Joseph. that went well. we extended the 3 Nephi challenge to them. Monique was super excited about it. after our appointment with Quincy the young women fell through. we received a text from her mom saying they aren't interested with us meeting with her. We respected that and went to Irene's place instead. She vented to us for a little bit and then Sister Dunford asked if she wanted a priesthood blessing. She accepted! Bro. Swart was able to do it later that evening. we went and visited the Tulak family cause he is making the programs for Jazmin's baptism. they wanted to chat with us so we stayed and got to know them better. they are a funny family and fun to be around. later in the evening the YSA sisters came to have a pass off lesson with Marcel but he wasn't there so we went and visited Jolie. she was so happy to see us. we talked with her for a few minutes so she could pack for her trip to Big Bear. it was good to see her!

June 15- Happy Father's Day!!! not much happened today since it was fathers day. we went to church and did our studies and worked on our area map. we did study out by the pool so people could see us and we were able to talk with Jose for a little bit. he was drunk so he probably wont remember it but we talked about the Atonement and how we all need Christ in our lives. It was a great talk we just hope he will remember it but the other people around heard it so we hope they were able to benefit from it as well.

A few things I learned from Brad Wilcox:
John 3:21, the Atonement is the power to do truth. And when we fail, it is the power to try again.
In 1 Nephi 11: 25 it says that the iron rod is the work of God, the scriptures. by adding John 1:14 to it visualize grabbing the iron rod as grasping the arm of Jesus Christ. We all need HIM!!! 
I wanted to share this insight with you all! 
Love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week! I know i will!! :) Thanks for all your love and support! 
Love Sister Johnson :)  

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